A _er_s Reveng

Introducing the story of  a _er_s Reveng by: John Backhouse. 

about a _er_s Reveng:

We have prepared an exciting and audible story for you to enjoy. In general this story About the confrontation of a powerful hacker with a bank manager that has limited computer skills.

characters of a story:

The characters in this story are: a powerful hacker and bank manager named Mr Henry Williams. he is an excellent bank manager and Moreover He also has a good network manager named Mike who organized a new computer system in this bank  that empowers all the computer systems in the bank so that no hacker can break into it.


At exactly 8.30 Mr Henry Williams walked through the doors of the bank. He was the bank manager. when he arrived at work wasn’t always calm and relaxed. Mr Henry Williams looked around the bank. There were beautiful new computers on every desk. Similarly the VDUs shone as the sun came through the window. Mr Williams smiled, When he entered his office, he saw that his secretary had already arrived.

In general everything was going well and when Mr Williams was in Caribbean in his mind, In addition dreaming about holiday, He was dreaming of blue seas and white beaches when a cry from Belinda’s desk brought him back to reality “Mr Williams, my computer has crashed!” As soon as she had said the words, they heard similar cries of alarm coming from the bank’s main area downstairs.

After that one by one the computers were crashing. In conclusion all system had crashed. It was awful, computers didn’t want reboot. Light turned off and turned on the same way. And a head of technology lost his access for system. Someone obtained full control of the bank. and entire staff opened the Virus that spread through e-mail.

Mike could not solve the problem either. Eventually The question appeared on display of a computer addressed to Mr. Henry Someone asked him, was he ready for game? 

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a Hacker’s Reveng by: John Backhouse