A shot in the night

Introducing the story of a shot in the night by: Ridley Andrew.

About a shot in the night 

the story of a shot in the night is a detective story about Detective Rush and his daughter who want to spend the night out of town.

Who are the important characters in this story?

The main characters of a shot in the night are first Detective Rush and his daughter and then Mr. Dalton as well as Mr. and Mrs. Larkin.

Summary (A shot in the night ):

Detective Rush decides to be with his daughter on vacation. He is happy to be away from his work in Leeds in the north of England for a few days. Her job is very important to her, but she also likes to spend time with her daughter, Sally. A week in Kent on the southeast coast will be enjoyable for both. Twenty minutes later they cross St. Mary’s Bay and then reach Littlestone Farm.

After a few minutes they arrive in the yard of a small farm. There is a house with a thatched roof, and a barn stands at the end of the yard. DI Rush parks his car at the side of it. They both climb out of the car and stretch. A man dressed in old jeans and a dirty, blue shirt stands in the doorway. He is about forty years old, small and wiry with brown hair. he is mr Alan Larkin.”

But Detective Rush introduces himself to the homeowner as a bank employee. Then Mr Larkin helps DI Rush to bring in the suitcases from the car. He takes them up to their rooms. Both rooms are at the front of the house and look out onto the yard.

The behavior of the house owners seemed quite strange to the policeman, There were no guests, except them. But everything was pointing, that many people lived at this farm.

Special event (A shot in the night)

Then Mr. Rush and his daughter get ready to go for a walk by the sea. They leave the house and follow the path between the house and the barn to reach the sea. After walking, they return to the farm, and as they enter the yard, they see that a large, new BMW is parked in front of the barn. That car is for Mr. Dalton, who has just come to the farm.

DI Rush and Sally introduce themselves to Mr Dalton. He is dressed in an expensive suit, and the inspector sees that he has a Rolex watch on his wrist. During the meal, they try to talk to him. Mr. Dalton, but he does not want to talk. After the meal, they each go to their rooms to rest.

That night inspector Rush heard the sound of the gun. The housekeeper assured him that there were some poachers near the farm. Next morning the Mr Dalton disappeared. The inspector’s daughter found blood in the yard. So the suspicions weren’t groundless.

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