A Tale of Two Cities

Introducing the story of A Tale of Two Cities by: Charles Dickens.

about A Tale of Two Cities:

A Tale of Two Cities” by British author Charles Dickens is the best-selling single-volume novel in the world (along with The Little Prince) with 200 million copies sold. The story of this novel takes place in London and Paris, before and during the French Revolution.

This novel, depicts a young man under the teachings of French aristocracy in the years leading up to the revolution. and the violence of revolutionaries against former aristocrats in the early years of the French Revolution.

The novel tells the story of several people. most importantly Charles Darnay, a former French aristocrat who, despite his good nature, falls victim to the anti-discrimination sentiment of the revolution. and Sydney Carton, a British lawyer who is a fugitive and tries to save his unpleasant life by loving Charles Darnay’s wife, Lucie Manette.

About Charles Dickens:

Charles Dickens was born in Land port, Portsea, England, on 1812. he grew up in a in a poor family. after studying he became a freelance reporter, and finally an author. With Pickwick Papers (1836–37) he achieved immediate fame.

In a few years he was easily the most popular and respected writer of his time. His novels often show his concern for the injustices of British society. A Tale of Two Cities (1859), Great Expectations (1860–61), and Our Mutual Friend (1864–65) complete his major works.


In 1775 a high-level bank officer named Jarvis Lorry goes to Paris with a task for his employer, Tellson’s Bank. Joining him on his journey is Lucie Manette, a 17-year-old woman who is stunned to learn that her father, Doctor Alexandre Manette, is alive and has recently been released after having been secretly imprisoned in Paris for 18 years.

When they arrive in the poverty-stricken quarter of Saint Antoine, they find the Doctor’s former servant, Ernest Defarge, he takes them to the garret room where he is keeping Doctor Manette, but when Lucie approaches him, he remembers his wife and begins to weep. Lucie comforts him, and that night Mr. Lorry and Lucie take him to England.

Five years later, Mr Lorry is called as a witness for the trial of Charles Darnay, a Frenchman accused of being a spy for France and the United States. Also at the trial are Doctor Manette and Lucie, who are witnesses for the prosecution. but the turning point in the trial occurs when A revelation throws into doubt a positive identification of Darnay as the person seen passing secrets, and the court acquits Darnay.

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A Tale of Two Cities by: Charles Dickens