A Tangled Web

Introducing the story of the Tangled Web by: Alan Maley.

about A Tangled Web:

A Tangled Web is a story by Alan Maley. This story is about a man named Dan who works for MI6. Also this story expresses a set of relationships and emotions. The author delivers a riveting story for Contacts.

About the author:

Alan Maley was born in 1931 in the United Kingdom. After being at the University of Leeds in the early 1960s, he worked as an English Language Officer with the British Council for About 27 years. Due to his job, he traveled to various places such as Yugoslavia, Ghana, Italy, France, the Republic of China and India. In 1988, he became as Director-General of the Bell Educational Trust in Cambridge.

Alan Maley then worked as a senior official in the English Language and Literature Department, mainly in Southeast Asia. He has been active in the field of publishing for many years, especially in the area of resource books for teachers. Also he won Academy Awards in the category of Best Visual Effects for his work.


Dan, who works at mi6, is fired for failing in an operation in the United States. In addition to Dan, his colleagues also had to leave the United States. mi6 forced Dan to cut ties with his family and relatives. for this reason he divorced his wife and left his daughter. but their relationship was bad because of his work. He regretted that he could not be a good father to his daughter. He also could not have a close relationship with his daughter because of his job. And he could not do anything for her.

mi6 had asked its members to delete their old personality with all the connections had to disappear. Members of the MI6 should be as new people appear in several other countries. No one should know the identity of the members of the organization and their place of residence. But suddenly Dan is attacked by someone who knows his identity.

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A Tangled Web-Alan Maley