aladdin and the magic lamp

Introducing the story of aladdin and the magic lamp by: ruth hobart.

about aladdin and the magic lamp:

Aladdin such as ali baba and The Forty Thieves  is the name of one of the characters of the Thousand and One Nights.

In general, it can be said that aladdin and the magic lamp story has been created from the past and distant times, with the stories of one thousand and one nights or one thousand myths from two thousand five hundred years ago.

In addition The story of aladdin was first translated into Persian and a thousand years later translated into Arabic.

Moreover this story was published in Europe until the sixteenth century.

Who knows this story?

In general The story of Aladdin and the magic lamp has been read or heard by all members of society. Some have seen movies and cartoons.

Giant and Magic lamp is a title that people of all ages are relatively familiar with, For instance From children watching fascinating cartoons of big American companies to adults.


An evil magician desired to own a magic lamp. This wizard had came from Africa. The lamp was in the cave in China.

The magician couldn’t get it on his own. And only one special boy could help him. One day the magician met this boy at the market in China.

When The magician saw the boy, After that he was convinced that boy could help him. That boy was Aladdin.

Aladdin was the son of a tailor. Therefore Aladdin was very poor and sold bread. The wizard deceives him and suggested him an agreement.

According to the agreement, the wizard would buy all Aladdin’s bread and the boy himself would go with him to some magic place, where the magic cave was…

Aladdin’s mission was to go downstairs into the cave and find this magic lamp in the magic garden.

But when Aladdin went down and found the lamp, he couldn’t come back. A big stone closed the passage.

aladdin and the magic lamp by: ruth hobart