Blackbeard’s treasure

Introducing the story of black beard’s treasure by: Jenny dooley.

About the story of black beards treasure:

The story of black beard’s treasure is an exciting adventure story. This story is about Edward Titch’s treasure known as black beard. contrary to popular belief, pirates rarely buried their treasures. And most likely, black beard did not do that. The legend comes from the 1882 Treasure Island novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, which mentions the black beard.

According to legend, the black beard’s treasure is off the coast of Maryland and is cursed and no one can pull it out. All those who tried to find this treasure have not returned! some say that the spirit of the black beard will not rest until this treasure is found. And others believe that the treasure is protected by his soul and will be hidden forever.

About Edward Teach(Black beard):

Edward teach, known as the black beard, was a notorious British pirate operating in the Caribbean and off the coast of the American colonies. In 1716, he joined captain Hornigeld, a pirate in the Caribbean.

Hornigeld assigned Blackbeard to command one of his warships, and the two together engaged in a number of piracy. Then black beard succeeded him. Black beard and his companions were hiding in suitable places and were looting the ships’ gold in a surprise attack.

Summary (Black beards treasure):

Bermuda triangle is a miracle place where a lot of people, ships and other things were lost. Not many people want to have such risk for finding treasure. But the treasure of the black beard is lost in the Bermuda Triangle and no one has ever found it. one night the greatest pirate in the whole world Captain Pike came into the bar of port where all of the pirate ships stay before they sail. No one expected to see Captain Pike that night.

Captain Pike tells them I’m going to the Bermuda Triangle to get the black beard’s treasure. Sailors say nobody has ever found Black beard’s treasure. They say it was lost in the Bermuda Triangle. All those who have tried to find it have never returned. Captain Pike knew it would be difficult to find men to go with him, so he talked about the treasure to excite them. Finally, Captain Pike convinces them with gold coins to accompany him on a trip to the Bermuda Triangle. But whether they can realize his plan?

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Blackbeard’s Treasure -Jenny Dooley