Introducing the story of the Casino Royale by: Ian Fleming.

about Casino Royale:

Casino Royale” by Ian Fleming is part of the “First Series of the James Bond Book Series”. This story was first published in 1953 and is the first 12-season James Bond story. These books include acts of violence, international espionage, clever espionage tools, sedition, and gorgeous women. This story is more about James Bond service and less about chasing villains around the world. In this story, we find out how the James Bond became this internationally famous figure, and this Route is full of exciting events, big and  small.

“James Bond” in this story is the same “James Bond” who has appeared on the cinema stage all these years. Reading this story is an exciting experience for the fans of this series. The story was a success immediately after its release. With more than 100 million copies worldwide, James Bond is one of the best-selling story series of all time. That’s why its main character, James Bond, has gained so much popularity around the world.

About the author:

Ian Fleming, an British writer, was born into a wealthy family in 1908. He was also a naval intelligence officer best known for creating the James Bond character in his spy novels. His father was killed while serving in World War I. Ian first went to college and then to military school and later worked for Reuters, and then became a spy during World War II.

His experience as a spy seems to have helped him shape the James Bond series of books. Fleming Published his first Bond novel, Casino Royale, in 1953. Fleming died of a heart attack in 1964 at the age of 56.


Soviet spy Le Chiffre had diverted Soviet funds intended for the union and used them to purchase a string of brothels shortly. To recoup the money at the gambling tables he organizes the tournament  in a casino in Royal-les-Eaux. In order to destroy Le Chiffre, the head of MI6 sends his agent James Bond to there. That evening Bond settles down at the baccarat table where Le Chiffre is playing. During the game, Bond loses all his money.

Later he borrowed a large sum from Felix Leiter, an American CIA agent also   working on the case. he continues to play and this time he wins, leaving Le Chiffre cleaned out. Later that night Lynd and bond is kidnapped by Le Chiffre and his gunmen. Bond and Lynd are taken to a vacant villa and separated.

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Casino Royale-Ian Fleming