The Mummy-David Levithan

The Mummy

Introducing the story of The Mummy by: David Levithan.

about The Mummy:

Today it must be admitted that man is the true inheritor of the ancient aspirations of a great civilization. Today we should be very happy that the arena of this world has never been empty of thought. and we should really bow down to the greatness of the thought of the ancestors.

Discover the past and prepare yourself to enter a new realm of time.The ancient Egyptians sought the realities of life. They tried to make sense of every human life from beginning to end.

Their perceptions may not be very different from our perceptions of life. because when we enter their culture and study, we find that they have accepted God as a powerful and influential force in life. So if in this case we put God as the first actor and man as the second actor, then the third character will be Satan.

The Mummy is a historical and adventure book by David Levithan. Dramatic events of this story took place three thousand years ago in city of Thebes.

About the author:

David Levithan was born in New Jersey in1972, to a family of Jewish background. He graduated from Brown University in 1994 and became the senior editor of the Scholastic newspaper.

His Notable works include: Boy Meets Boy, Wide Awake Nick and Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List. It can also be said that three of Levithan’s novels have been made into films. The mummy is one of these films.


Imhotep was a cursed high priest from the reign of the Pharaoh Seti I of 1290 B.C. He began an affair with Seti’s mistress Anck-Su-Namun. The pharaoh had caught the lovers, so Anck-su-namun was afraid that he could kill them both. So they decided to kill Pharaoh and killed him.

But they are discovered and Anck-su-namun pushed the knife into her own stomach and said to Imhotep to bring her back to life later. She knew that he could do it. To bring it to life Imhotep and his priests later steal her corpse from her burial-place.

Imhotep attempts to resurrect her, but is captured at Hamunaptra (the City of the Dead) by the Pharaoh’s sacred bodyguards. His priests are mummified and buried alive. Imhotep, meanwhile, is condemned to endure the Curse. As a result Imhotep becomes a undead fiend kept alive in a state of death.

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A Tale of Two Cities by: Charles Dickens

A Tale of Two Cities

Introducing the story of A Tale of Two Cities by: Charles Dickens.

about A Tale of Two Cities:

A Tale of Two Cities” by British author Charles Dickens is the best-selling single-volume novel in the world (along with The Little Prince) with 200 million copies sold. The story of this novel takes place in London and Paris, before and during the French Revolution.

This novel, depicts a young man under the teachings of French aristocracy in the years leading up to the revolution. and the violence of revolutionaries against former aristocrats in the early years of the French Revolution.

The novel tells the story of several people. most importantly Charles Darnay, a former French aristocrat who, despite his good nature, falls victim to the anti-discrimination sentiment of the revolution. and Sydney Carton, a British lawyer who is a fugitive and tries to save his unpleasant life by loving Charles Darnay’s wife, Lucie Manette.

About Charles Dickens:

Charles Dickens was born in Land port, Portsea, England, on 1812. he grew up in a in a poor family. after studying he became a freelance reporter, and finally an author. With Pickwick Papers (1836–37) he achieved immediate fame.

In a few years he was easily the most popular and respected writer of his time. His novels often show his concern for the injustices of British society. A Tale of Two Cities (1859), Great Expectations (1860–61), and Our Mutual Friend (1864–65) complete his major works.


In 1775 a high-level bank officer named Jarvis Lorry goes to Paris with a task for his employer, Tellson’s Bank. Joining him on his journey is Lucie Manette, a 17-year-old woman who is stunned to learn that her father, Doctor Alexandre Manette, is alive and has recently been released after having been secretly imprisoned in Paris for 18 years.

When they arrive in the poverty-stricken quarter of Saint Antoine, they find the Doctor’s former servant, Ernest Defarge, he takes them to the garret room where he is keeping Doctor Manette, but when Lucie approaches him, he remembers his wife and begins to weep. Lucie comforts him, and that night Mr. Lorry and Lucie take him to England.

Five years later, Mr Lorry is called as a witness for the trial of Charles Darnay, a Frenchman accused of being a spy for France and the United States. Also at the trial are Doctor Manette and Lucie, who are witnesses for the prosecution. but the turning point in the trial occurs when A revelation throws into doubt a positive identification of Darnay as the person seen passing secrets, and the court acquits Darnay.

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-The Scarlet Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Scarlet Letter

Introducing the story of The Scarlet Letter by: Nathaniel Hawthorne.

about The Scarlet Letter:

The story of The Scarlet Letter is a historical story written by the American author Nathaniel Hawthorne and published in 1850. The story takes place in Boston, in the highly religious and Puritan community of Massachusetts, USA (New England) in the seventeenth century. This story is about a young woman named Hester Prynne who has been forced to wear the stigma or the letter A in red for the rest of her life for committing adultery.

characters :

The main character in the story of The Scarlet Letter is a young woman named Hester Prynne. who commits adultery at first but then her life and character change and she becomes a pure and virtuous woman. Arthur Dimzdale is the famous and trusted priest of the city who commits adultery with Hester.

His fear of the consequences of exposing this fact does not allow him to confess his guilt; But his upset conscience never leaves him. Roger Chillingworth is Hester’s ex-wife. He is a cruel and evil man who thinks of nothing but revenge from the beginning to the end of the story.


Hester Prynne is a young married woman whose husband went on a trip many years ago but never returned, and everyone is convinced that he is dead. The story begins when Hester is in prison for committing adultery with the city’s most important priest, Arthur Dimzdale. Hester Prynne is asked to reveal the name of the adulterer so that the man can be tried.

But Hester is very loyal and brave and refuses to do so. Puritans could even behead the sinner. But no matter of the punishment, Hester Prynne ought to wear a Scarlet Letter – a big letter ‘A’ that meant ‘Adultery’ at his breast.

Hester Prynne proudly accepts this punishment and does not fail under the scandal and humiliation imposed on her by society until he gradually changes society’s view of herself. But Arthur Dimzdale, the city’s famous pastor, is afraid of revealing his relationship with Hester, as it could lead to his scandal or death.

Therefore, he maintains his pure image in the eyes of the people, but he suffers a lot from this sin and disgrace in himself. Meanwhile an old physician came to village and Hester Prynne recognized her husband in him. Hester agreed to keep their secret, and physician swore to find her lover.

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aladdin and the magic lamp by: ruth hobart

aladdin and the magic lamp

Introducing the story of aladdin and the magic lamp by: ruth hobart.

about aladdin and the magic lamp:

Aladdin such as ali baba and The Forty Thieves  is the name of one of the characters of the Thousand and One Nights.

In general, it can be said that aladdin and the magic lamp story has been created from the past and distant times, with the stories of one thousand and one nights or one thousand myths from two thousand five hundred years ago.

In addition The story of aladdin was first translated into Persian and a thousand years later translated into Arabic.

Moreover this story was published in Europe until the sixteenth century.

Who knows this story?

In general The story of Aladdin and the magic lamp has been read or heard by all members of society. Some have seen movies and cartoons.

Giant and Magic lamp is a title that people of all ages are relatively familiar with, For instance From children watching fascinating cartoons of big American companies to adults.


An evil magician desired to own a magic lamp. This wizard had came from Africa. The lamp was in the cave in China.

The magician couldn’t get it on his own. And only one special boy could help him. One day the magician met this boy at the market in China.

When The magician saw the boy, After that he was convinced that boy could help him. That boy was Aladdin.

Aladdin was the son of a tailor. Therefore Aladdin was very poor and sold bread. The wizard deceives him and suggested him an agreement.

According to the agreement, the wizard would buy all Aladdin’s bread and the boy himself would go with him to some magic place, where the magic cave was…

Aladdin’s mission was to go downstairs into the cave and find this magic lamp in the magic garden.

But when Aladdin went down and found the lamp, he couldn’t come back. A big stone closed the passage.

Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves by: Antoine Galland

Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves

Introducing the story of Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves by: Antoine Galland.

Some believe that this story was added to the collection of One Thousand and One Nights by the French translator Antoine Galland, But Richard F. Burton claimed that this story was part of the original One Thousand and One Nights(Arabian Nights) series.

who is ali baba?

Alibaba is the name of a fictional character in the story of Alibaba and the forty thieves of Baghdad. This story is part of the book One Thousand and One Nights(Arabian Nights).

Ali Baba and the Forty Robbers is a folk tale included in many versions of One Thousand and One Nights. Antoine Galland, who heard the story from Syrian storyteller Hanna Diyab, added it to the One Thousand and One Nights in the 18th century.

It is one of the most familiar of the “Arabian Nights” tales, and has been widely retold and performed in many media, especially for children, where the more violent aspects of the story are often suppressed. In the story,

about One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights) book:

One Thousand and One Nights is a collection of stories collected over thousands of years by various authors, This collection combines folk tales and legends from India, persia and arabia.

several versions date the collection’s genesis to somewhere between AD 800-900.but No original manuscript has ever been found.

Stories such as :Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, aladdin and the magic lamp and the voyages of Sinbad the Sailor that have become independently famous come from this Book.


Alibaba and his older brother Qasim were the two sons of a merchant. When the merchant died, the elder son got a heritage and a wealthy wife. The younger son Ali Baba got nothing and married to a poor woman. Ali Baba became a woodcutter.

One day he was working in the forest, collecting the firewood. Suddenly he saw forty men in black on the black horses.

 They came to a huge stone and one of them said, ‘Open Sesame’. Something incredible happened: the stone opened an entrance into a cave. Everybody went inside.

Ali Baba did the same thing, after the men in black had left. He said the magic words, ‘Open Sesame’. The stone obeyed him and he entered the cave.

He found many treasures there and decided to take something with him. The thieves learn this and try to kill Ali Baba, but Ali Baba’s faithful slave-girl foils their plots. Ali Baba gives his son to her in marriage and keeps the secret of the treasure.