Cat woman-Jones Jasmin

Cat woman

Introducing the story of the Cat woman by: Jones Jasmin.

about Cat woman:

Cat woman (Selina Kayle) is the story of shy, sensitive artist Patience Philips. This character created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane who commonly in association with Batman. Selina Kayle was first introduced in Batman # 1 in the spring of 1940 as the comic book series “The Cat”. Bob Kane as the creator of the Batman character wanted to add to Batman stories someone who could attract female readers as a complementary character.

Cat woman is one of Batman’s main enemies. and also has been became Batman’s best known love interest. But since the 1990s, she has been introduced of an anti-heroine for a bad character.

About the author:

The author of this work is Jones Jasmin. she is the author of books for children and adults. Some of her published credits are: Enchanted: The Junior Novelization, Spider-Man 3: The Junior Novel (Spider-Man), Meet the Robinsons: The Chapter Book (Meet the Robinsons), and That’s so Raven: Queen of Hearts – #18: Junior Novel.


A young woman named Patience Philips works for a big cosmetics company of high quality. She hates her job at company Because she wants to be an artist. Her boss is George Hedare, who works together with his wife, a beautiful blond. George Hedare doesn’t like Patience much either. One day they introduce a new soap. This soap works miracles with the old skin. It smoothes the wrinkles just after its usage.

The soap demands a special design. Despite the deadline given to her by the boss, But Patience does not succeed in this special design. Then she uncovers a company secret and her life changes for ever. In fact patience finds that this soap is more deadly than beautifying. The boss’s wife then orders Patience to be killed.

The only witness to her murder is a strange cat. A cat with wondrous powers that brings Patience back to life and bestows on her some astonishing feline abilities: stealth, agility, and a fearlessness to bare her claws. Now, Cat woman has lost all patience for injustice and she is ready to face her enemies.

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A Kiss Before Dying-Ira Levin

A Kiss Before Dying

Introducing the story of A Kiss Before Dying by: Ira Levin.

about A Kiss Before Dying:

Among the Authors of detective novels in the world, there are very few Authors to write a new novel or short story that no one being has ever read with a slight difference. In fact, a skilled author can do such a thing and create a remarkable work and a new style.

Undoubtedly, Ira Levin, the famous American novelist, is one of these few authors. he depicted a crazy world where anything could happen to anyone at any time.

A Kiss Before Dying, Levin’s first novel, earned him the 1954 Edgar Award for Best First Novel. and is regarded as a modern classic thrilling and enigmatic classic novel with a sense of evil humor. it tells the shocking tale of a young man who will stop at nothing not even murder.

About the author:

Ira Levin was born on August 27, 1927 in New York. He attended Horace Mann School. then went to Drake University. and then went to New York University to study philosophy and graduated in 1950.

He served in the US Army from 1953 to 1955. Levin began making educational films and writing screenplays and plays for radio and television after graduating from university. Since then, he has written novels, screenplays and plays.

In 1954, Ira Levin won the Edgar Award for his novel A Kiss Before Dying. And for the second time, he won this award for his novel Death Hunt, which is considered to be his most famous novel.


It tells the shocking tale of a young man from the lower strata of society who wants to live a life of wealth and prosperity at any cost. This man is called Corliss. He served in the Pacific during World War II, and after being discharged, he found out that his father had been killed in a car accident.

After returning to the United States, he enrolled in college, where he met Dorothy ,a daughter of very rich man named Leo Kingship. And to get a chance to get rich, he becomes Dorothy’s boyfriend. But suddenly Dorothy became pregnant and her boyfriend realized that his plan can be ruined. So to get rid of him, he secretly kills Dorothy and makes her look like a suicide.

Corliss waits for a few months until the news of Dorothy’s death is forgotten, then he goes to Dorothy’s sister, Ellen. The love affair goes according to plan until Ellen begins to investigate her sister’s death and is convinced she has not committed suicide. Eventually, Ellen realizes the truth of Corliss’ work and confronts him.

Corliss confesses to the crime he committed and kills Ellen! Then he goes to the last remnant of Kingship, Marion. This love affair becomes the most successful of all, and soon Corliss gets engaged to Marion’s father after satisfying him.

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Within High Fences-Penny Hancock

Within High Fences

Introducing the story of Within High Fences by: penny hancock.

about Within High Fences:

The story of within high fences is a love story about two people from different countries with different cultural and social levels. Nancy is eighteen years old and lives with her friend Tom. She is a security guard at a detention center for asylum seekers who have come to Britain to escape persecution in their home countries.

she has everything: a comfortable home, beautiful furniture, a boyfriend and an expensive watch. Then she falls in love with George, an asylum seeker who has nothing, and her world changes completely.

About the author:

Author of the story within high fences of penny Hancock was born in south east London and later received an English degree in Newcastle Upon Tyne. and He taught English for several years in different countries. He then worked as an elementary school teacher in a school in London.

After having three children, he continued to teach in primary schools taught English to asylum seekers, and provided adult education classes in writing. He has also written articles on family and education.

summary(Within High Fences):

Nancy meets Tom at school. At first Nancy likes to be a writer but then gives up. They lived in a comfortable new house in Greenwich, South East London. Nancy worked in a center for asylum seekers – people who want to live in Great Britain because of bad problems in their countries.

Sometimes asylum seekers come to this country because there is terrible fighting in their countries and they are afraid. Asylum seekers come here because they hope they will have a better life in Britain. There are strict rules in that center. And the guards must pay attention to everything.

Nancy has a wealthy life. Tom minds against her work but Nancy adores expensive and beautiful things. She earns for them herself.

Special event:

In one of the night shifts asylum seekers were waiting for Food. Suddenly Nancy hears the shout of one of the guards that was shouting at a The tall man had black hair and dark eyes. That guard was called Bill.

Bill told the tall man ‘You can only have one biscuit. It’s the rules. You took two, ‘You took something that wasn’t yours! But this biscuit isn’t for me,’ said the tall man. ‘It’s for that little boy.

‘The tall man wasn’t afraid of Bill’s words. He turned and walked away. He gave the two biscuits to the boy and smiled. and Nancy smiled at the man. Nancy likes that man. Will he answer her feelings or it will be just an illusion?

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Halloween

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Halloween

Introducing the story of Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Halloween by: joss whedon.

about Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Halloween

The story of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is the story of “Buffy Summers”, a young woman and the last survivor of a generation of vampires known as “Vampire Slayer” In the story.
“Slayers” summoned to fight “vampires“, “demons” and other forces of darkness. Like previous Slayers, she is backed by an “observer.
In conclusion The “observer” guides buffy and gives her the necessary training, and prepares her to face enemies. “Unlike previous ancestors, she finds herself surrounded by a circle of loyal friends.


she was almost at the Bronze. It was the end of October, two nights before Halloween. The evening was black and cold. Suddenly, something hit Buffy on the back of her head, suddenly She turned quickly.

A vampire smiled at her ,not a pretty smile. Buffy hit him hard. After that He got up quickly and laughed. He hit back, ‘I haven’t got time for this,’ Buffy thought. Angel is waiting for me.

At the Halloween Eve Buffy was late on her date with Angel. he looked at his watch. It was after ten o’clock. ‘Where are you, Buffy?’ he thought.

The Bronze was busy tonight but Angel sat alone. He looked at the young faces around him. People laughed and danced. ‘This is Buffy‘s world,’ he thought. ‘Why am I here?’ But he already knew the answer. He was there because he loved Buffy.

Special story event:

When she came at the club, she saw Angel was talking to pretty Cordelia. she was upset, because her hair was disheveled and clothes were dirty after the fight.

Next day she read in the Giles’s book some information about century of Angel and saw nice women’s dresses of that era Next day she read in the Giles’s book some information about century of Angel and saw nice women’s dresses of that era.

Therefore She wanted to impress of her boyfriend vampire and she with her friends bought the costumes in the Ethan’s Costume Shoppe. She bought the beautiful dress and thought that she would a beautiful helpless girl from the 18th century.

At the same time under the ground in the vampires group the seer told that Vampire Slayer became weak at the Halloween and they would be able to kill her…

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