Introducing the story of Crooked House by: Agatha Christie.

about Crooked House:

This novel is a detective novel is by Agatha Christie, a famous English author. she considered this novel the best out of all her books. and It was first published in 1949, first in March in the United States and then in May in the United Kingdom.

As one of the most prolific writers in the genre, Agatha Christie has always been of interest to filmmakers and enthusiasts. Therefore, in one of their projects, the officials of the Sony Pictures film company took the responsibility of making and screening a film based on Agatha Christie’s crime novel called “The Crooked House“.

About the author:

Mrs. Agatha Christie was born in 1890 and died in 1976. she was an English author of crime fiction and detective literature. She has also written romance stories, but her main fame is for her 66 crime novels .She is so popular around the world that in France alone she sold more than 40 million books by 2003.

she says about this book: This book is one of my special and favorite works that I have been considering writing for years. I would think about it and study it and say to myself that one day when I have enough time and opportunity and I really want to enjoy my free time, I will start writing it.

The stories of Agatha Christie, especially those about the adventures of Detective Hercule Poirot or Mrs. Marple, not only earned her the title of “Queen of Crime” but also made her one of the most important and innovative writers in the development. and They also introduced the evolution of attempted crime stories.


There is a big house, which belongs to a Greek family clan. The headman of the family is very rich and old. He apparently died of a heart attack in his house. In his house lived his two sons and their wives and his three grandchildren and the grandchildren’s teacher Also His young wife and his servant.

His family believes his death was unnatural and in fact a murder. The house is full of suspected and Everybody has a motive. Therefore To investigate, one of the grandchildren asks a young detective to come house.

The detective meets with all the family members and notices their cold and violent relations with each other. During his stay at house, strange events occur that sometimes bring him closer to the truth and sometimes away from the truth. While everyone knows that the murderer is among them and at house.

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