Cry, The Beloved Country

Introducing the story of Cry, the beloved country by: Alan Paton. 

About cry, the beloved country:

Cry, the beloved country is an african story. Which the author describes his shaky society, Where the natural beauty of the nation has been damaged by the fear of its generally This story shows the resistance of black people against white people However, the message of the story is hope. The story was published in 1948 with great international acclaim. At the time of the author’s death, in 1988,More than fifteen million copies of the novel were sold .And published in twenty different languages.

Who are the important characters in this story?

The first character in the story of the cry, the beloved country is Mr Stephen Kumalo that is a Reverend of a small remote village Ndotsheni of eastern South Africa. and he is also looking for his son Absalom. The other characters in this story are: James Jarvis and Theophilus Msimangu. Who show a good ability to be human.

Summary :

Stephen Kumalo lives alone and very poor live together with his wife. Most of his relatives as His brother John, who was a carpenter, his sister gertrude, 25 years younger than he .And his only child Absalom  that had gone in Johannesburg, to look for his aunt gertrude, and he had never returned. And indeed many other relatives were there, though none so near as these. So he missed his relatives very much, especially his son. but no one sends letter from Johannesburg.

Finally, one day such letter comes. At first he thinks the letter is from his sister or son. but it is not from son or sister, The letter is from another Reverend who says that Gertrude is very sick, and therefore I ask you to come quickly to Johannesburg. Come to the reverend theophilus msimangu, the mission house, sophiatown.

Mr Stephen Kumalo thinks to himself that who knows how sick his sister may be, and what money that may cost? And if he has to bring her back, what will that cost too. Finally he decides to go not only for sister but also he hopes to find his son Absalom.
So they had to take all his money that they has been saving over the years and go to Johannesburg. They begin their journey by train to Johannesburg. It is very hard road ahead and it is very big and unfriendly city where danger can wait behind every corner.

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Cry, The Beloved Country by: Alan Paton