Introducing the story of Doctor Zhivago by: Boris Pasternak.

about Doctor Zhivago:

Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak is Russian author of the Nobel Prize in Literature. Pasternak began writing the story in 1915 and finished it in 1956. The book was banned from publication in Russia because it contradicted official Soviet policies at the time. But in 1988 the book was finally published in Russia. This book can be considered a complete masterpiece, which is one of the most important statements against totalitarian, totalitarian and ideological governments.

The theme of the story is the life of a man whose external events change the course of his life. The name of the book is taken from the protagonist who is a doctor and a poet. He is involved in his emotional relationships and attachments, which he encounters with the October Revolution and the turbulent historical events that followed. The book was published in Italy in 1957 and earned Pasternak the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1958. although he refused to receive the Nobel Prize for fear of being expelled.

About the author:

Boris Pasternak (1890-1960) was a Russian poet and author who won various literary awards. He first began his studies in philosophy. Then he leaves philosophy and begins his literary activity. His fame outside Russia is mostly due to Dr. Zhivago’s novel, but his reputation in Russia itself is more as a poet.

He moved to Chistapel during World War II and was sent to the front as a volunteer military correspondent. At the age of 56, he began writing Dr. Zhivago‘s novel, which took ten years to write. This novel, both in terms of subject matter and in terms of the book itself, is linked to the most important political and social developments in twentieth-century Russia.


This novel is the story of a child named Yuri Zhivago who lost his mother. Yury’s uncle looked after the boy for some time. Later he was bringing up in Gromekos family. Yuri had a good talent for poetry since he was a child. But still despite his talent, he decided to become a doctor. Yury married his foster sister Tonya Gromeko and they had two children.

With the outbreak of world War I, Yuri went to the front lines of the war. There he meets nurse Lara, the wife of a revolutionary. Yuri’s life is then disrupted by his war and his love for Lara, and he becomes a very vulnerable character.

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Doctor Zhivago-Boris Pasternak