He Knows Too Much

 Introducing the story of He Knows Too Much by: Alan Maley.

About He Knows Too Much:

The story of He Knows Too Much is a fun and amazing story, because in each chapter you can find a new clue that helps you get a little bit of the story to your heart. The best part of the story is the ending, because you think Dick is taking revenge on the enemies, but in the end he does not use the information he has discovered, because everything is miraculously discovered.

After reading The story of He Knows Too Much, you will realize that revenge is not the best way to solve problems, because you think that in the end, everyone is in a legal place. Finally, we recommend that you read this story because it is easy to understand and fun. In addition, the book makes you think about how to deal with injustice. This story Contains adult material which may not be suitable for younger readers.

About the author(Alan Maley):

Alan Maley has served in the British Council for 16 years since 1962, served as an English language officer in some countries. and as a regional representative in southern India. He has since been a Senior Fellow in English Language and Literature at the National University of Singapore. and Director of the Graduate Program at Asamp University, Thailand. He is currently an independent consultant, and the editor of the Oxford University News Resource Book Series for Teachers.


An Englishman named Dick Sterling was as general manager of Trakton’s factory in Madras. Trakton had been in India since before Independence. It had started out manufacturing military vehicles during the war. and switched to commercial vehicles and earth-moving equipment when the war ended. Dick had found his senior Indian colleagues particularly good to work with. They were a good team.

‘Mr. Vish was working there as an office manager, and his wife Molly. Molly was in charge of the Personnel Department. For reasons Dick had only gradually understood, Vish and Molly were regarded by the rest of the senior staff as somehow ‘special’. They behaved as if they had special privileges and expected other staff to defer to them. Dick slowly realised that they controlled other staff members through a combination of threats and promises.

In this way, Dick Discovers misconduct by his colleague. Dick report the matter to his boss Keith, who was in England. Keith said he would sort out and told him not to get involved in that case. But not only is the situation not changing, it is getting worse. and Dick is retired by his boss. He returns to England where his life falls apart. He then sets out on a one-man search for the truth behind his dismissal.

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He Knows Too Much-Alan Maley