Introducing the story of the Man Hunt by: Richard Mac Andrew.

about Man Hunt:

Man Hunt, by Richard MacAndrew, has won the 2013 Language Learner Literature Award, in the Adolescent and Adult: Upper Intermediate and Advanced category. this story is a compelling read for crime story enthusiasts. And the main mystery of the murders takes place in a rural community. author draws the reader into the narrative moving back and forth between the voices of the criminal and the police.

In fact from the beginning of this detective story the reader plunges into the inner world of a killer and You’ll see what will be happening with the murderer’s eyes.

About the author:

Richard Mac Andrew started writing in 1996. he has written a variety of books for for Oxford University Press and also for Cambridge University Press and Language Teaching Publications. He has been working at ELT for about 40 years and he has also taught in Finland, Sweden, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. He has twice won a Language Learner Literature Award from the Extensive Reading Foundation. His books include CAE Study Pack and Window on Britain, and Watch This.

In addition to writing, he enjoys walking in the Yorkshire Dales, listening to the music of Jerry Garcia, reading numerous detective stories and thrillers, and watching Scotland play rugby.


In this story you’ll experience great emotions described by the  Richard MacAndrew. From the very beginning of the story You’ll plunges into the inner world of a killer. You will actually see what is going on in the killer’s mind.

The charm of the Man Hunt is that the murderer overcame his barrier and does what he wants to do. The killer successfully commits the first murder in North Yorkshire. Detective Inspector Charles Neville arrive at the crime scene on his day off and is going to investigate this case.

Due to bad weather, police were unable to gather all the details. The victim is a middle-aged man who had been walking with his dog when he was attacked. After committing the murder, the killer pursues other murders with full consent. Meanwhile, police are preparing to arrest the serial killer.

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Man Hunt-Richard Mac Andrew