Introducing the story of Owl Hall by: Robert Campbell.

about Owl Hall:

This story is an original story written specifically for McMillan fans. This story is about a fifteen-year-old girl named Kara, who lives with her mother and younger brother Martin on an old farm. But there is something strange about Kara’s relationship with her mother and brother. Throughout the story, Kara visits the Owl Hall website. As the story goes on, all the secrets in the Owl Hall, even the house are discovered.


One day, Kara’s mother decides to take her children to the countryside for a few days holidays. Kara did not know where they were going for their holiday. It was Mum’s surprise. Five days ago she had suddenly decided that they were going away for a week. She rented a cottage Owl Hall.

Then they drive to the countryside to reach the owl hall, but it was not even on the map. They drove slowly down the narrow country roads. Then suddenly the trees disappeared and all they could see was the road in front of them. It seemed to go on for miles and miles. Therefore, they lost. Trying to find the right way. ‘Let’s go on,’ Mum said. ‘I’m sure we’ll find a road sign or a house… or a phone box.’ After a distance they met a man with white teeth and a big dog. He turned out to be their neighbor.

Fascinating event

The man then guides them. After a while, they arrived at the cottage. Then, Kara went to the gate to open it. she heard an owl calling and the noise of something moving in the bushes. Suddenly Kara thought she could feel someone or something watching her. This cottage is like from a horror movie. There are no special amenities there. Neither kara, nor her brother enjoyed this cottage.

Kara decides to make a film about Owl Hall on her mobile. She is also going to write about it in the blog as the homeowners wanted. When making the film, Kara notices that something is hidden in the bushes.

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Owl Hall-Robert Campbell