Introducing the story of the firm by: John grisham.

About the firm:

The firm is a thrilling legal story written by American author John grisham. The firm was grisham’s first book to become very popular. In 1993, after selling 1.5 million copies, it was made into a film starring tom cruise and gene hackman.

Who are the important characters in this story?

The important characters in this story are: Mitchell Mc deere is an ambitious man. He wants it all: money, power, a big house, a fast car and… he urgently wants to succeed. And Mr. bandini, who has built the richest law firm in Memphis in twenty years. Moreover Mr. tarrance as a agent of FBI.

Summary :

Mitchell Mc deere had been born in poverty in Kentucky and brought up by his mother after his father’s death. His older brother was killed in the Vietnam War , and that only the other brother, ray, had cared for him. Therefore, he was suffering from poverty, after that he wanted to climb away from it. He was one of the most successful graduates of Harvard Law School. Also He had a beautiful wife, abby.

Two firms in New York and one in Chicago were interested in him, And they had given him a good financial offer. He had many possibilities including a job even in Wall-Street. Meanwhile, an unknown law firm from Memphis is trying to outbid a young and perspective lawyer Mitchell Y. Mc deeren. All the partners agreed that he was the one they wanted.

The firm activity:

The firm specializes in international tax law. Mr.bendini started it in 1944. He had a lot of clients in the south, so he moved down to Memphis. This firm has few members. They get one new member every two years,

As a result the working conditions were excellent. And obviously everyone who works there loves it, that members very rarely leave the firm. Maybe because the firm persistently takes care of its employees. There were no troubles.

The first interview took place at a hotel near Harvard, And he was given excellent financial offers. At first, mitch was skeptical towards this offer, eventually mitchell Mcdeere decides to accept their offer after visiting the firm.

Suddenly, the FBI warns mitchell Mc Deere that choosing this job will be troublesome for him. So Mitchell Mc Deere is going to face some serious questions. and Is there a way out of this situation and stay alive?

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