The Tales From The Arabian Nights

Introducing the story of The Tales From The Arabian Nights by: Antoine Galland.

about The Tales From The Arabian Nights:

This classic collection is a collection of stories compiled over the centuries by various authors, translators and researchers from the Middle East, North Africa and the Indian subcontinent. This collection of stories shows its roots in Arabic, Persian, Indian, Egyptian and Mesopotamian literature.

Arabian Nights story, the assumption contained in the story is that life is always worth living and that human endeavor, along with human weakness, is a wonderful and fascinating thing to behold.

There are many versions of the story series. These stories form a powerful mental connection between the ancient civilizations of the East and those of the West. This version is specifically selected, edited and designed. And includes the full version of “Seven Journeys of Sinbad”.

The Arabian Nights are not necessarily intended for young children. They contain violence and mature situations. Please exercise care when reading them to young children.

About the author:

Antoine Galland (April 4, 1646 – February 17, 1715) was a French-born French archaeologist. Which was the most famous and the first European translator of the stories of One Thousand and One Nights, which was published under the name Les mis et une nuits.

His version of these stories appeared in twelve volumes between 1704 and 1717 and had a significant impact on later European literature and attitudes in the Islamic world.

summary(The Tales From The Arabian Nights):

Sultan Shahriar had a beautiful wife. She was his only wife and he loved her more than anything in the world. The sultan’s wife falls in love with another man and betrays the sultan. and As a result, Sultan kills them both. and He hates all women. Every day, the Sultan asks his vizir to bring him a woman to marry. sultan married a woman every night. The next morning, he killed her. He believed that no other woman would bother him.

The vizir had to find a new wife for the sultan every day. but this It was a very difficult task, all the families were afraid and no girl wanted to be the Sultan’s wife one night and then die. That’s why families sent their daughters to faraway places. The vizier started to worry about his own life when almost no young women left.

The vizir had two daughters. One of them, Sheherezade, was beautiful and very clever. Sheherazade asked his father to make her the new Sultan’s wife. At first, the worried father refused to satisfy his daughter’s desire, but Sheherezade convinced him she had a very genius plan.

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The Tales from the Arabian Nights-Antoine Galland