They Came to Baghdad

Introducing the story of They Came to Baghdad by: Agatha Christie.

about They Came to Baghdad:

They Came to Baghdad is an adventure story by Agatha Christie, a prominent English writer, first published on March 5, 1951 by the Collins Crime Club in England. It was published the same year by Dodd, Mead and Company in the United States for $ 2.5. Agatha Christie after a trip to Baghdad has written this novel.

Unlike many of the works of this famous and experienced author, this story is not in the crime genre and its story revolves around espionage events. This is one of the few books by Agatha Christie in which Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple have no role.

About the author:

Agatha Christie, the most famous woman writer and one of the pioneers of criminal literature, was born on September 15, 1890 in Torquay Devon, England. she was the daughter of an American father and an English aristocratic mother. During both World Wars, she served in war hospitals and then in pharmacies, And for this reason she had a high knowledge of medicine and toxicology. So she used the same science in writing her books, and that is why most of the victims of Christie’s stories die of poison.

Agatha Christie was unparalleled in character creation, and immortal characters such as Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple are among her timeless masterpieces. It is interesting to know that Agatha Christie’s personal life, like her stories, has been very complicated and enigmatic. She died in 1976 at her home in Oxford shire, England. They came to Baghdad, which is one of her fascinating works.


Baghdad is hosting a secret summit of superpowers. And its main issue is to examine the possibility of having a secret and powerful weapon. For some reason, the news of holding this summit is leaked. for this reason an anti-communist and anti-capitalist criminal organization, which is the mastermind of the production of this weapon, is planning to destroy the people of this summit. There is only one person outside the organization who can detect this weapon.

That person is a British agent named Henry Carmichael who has the necessary evidence to confirm this weapon. Naturally, this horrible organization does everything it can to stop Henry Carmichael. And prevents him from convincing the summit heads that such a weapon exists. Upon arrival in Baghdad, Henry Carmichael meets a young and adventurous girl named Victoria Jones. Henry Carmichael then dies in Victoria Jones’s room.

So Carmichael that could save the Summit heads of the summit is gone. can “Victoria” understand the meaning of his last words, “Lucifer …. Basra …. train”?

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They Came to Baghdad-Agatha Christie