Turn of the screw

Introducing the story of turn of the screw by: James henry.

About turn of the screw:

Turn of the screw is the most famous story of james henry, which refers to the theme of sexual repression. This story was honored with a huge number of film adaptations and theater productions. This story is also one of the most valuable ghost stories in literature.

The story has been the subject of much debate since 1924. when Freud’s analysis was published by Canton, to the present day. This story can rightly be regarded as a model of gothic style.

The story of turn of the screw will undoubtedly be interesting not only for those who love terrible, but those who enjoy logical puzzles. In fact, by focusing on a young woman in the new situation, James deals with the class differences and the difference in the view of the world. that can be seen in most of his works and is one of the themes of this author.

A young teacher who is trapped in a tradition and suppresses her sexuality, thus projecting and expressing these desires. What Freud refers to: “Our repressed desires are embedded in our dreams.” “Our dreams are the symbolic realization of our dreams.”

About James henry:

James henry, an american novelist and critic, was born in New York to an Irish-Scottish culture. His ancestors were Irish immigrants and very wealthy; His father was a prominent writer in theology; He was an attractive thinker and personality who was extremely careful and obsessive in raising his children. Thus James Henry was raised in an environment of culture.

James is the creator of realist and modern psychoanalytic novels. In most of his works, he describes the lives of rich people, nobles and women. James attended meetings to get acquainted with women’s temperaments in order to become more familiar with women’s inner behaviors and states .The story of turn of the screw is one of his best works.

Summary :

The story begins when, with the death of the parents of two children. They have an uncle who lives in London. But he is reluctant to take care of them, which is why he hires this young teacher to do his job without any complaints or grievances. Therefore their uncle takes care of the children to a young teacher in a magnificent old mansion. 

Everything is going well until new teacher realizes the relationship between the previous teacher and the previous waiter. Worst of all, one of the two children is expelled from school for hurt a classmate.

The new teacher realizes that sometimes the relationship between the former teacher and the previous waiter has taken place in front of the children, and therefore the impact of this corruption and inappropriate behavior has been left on the children.

But it does not take long for everything to change. And the new teacher sees the ghost of the former teacher. And the previous waiter in the mansion and concludes that an ominous act is ahead…

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Turn of the screw-James henry