Introducing the story of Urban myths by: Phil Healey.

About the author:

The original creator of this collection is Phil Healey, a graphic designer from Manchester. In 1982, he met rick Glenville a native of London, at the Polytechnic. They were very interested in the strange stories that people often told in public. And they wanted to share them So they decided to write these stories.

They created phrases that described the strange stories of urban myths. They were sending the stories to the Guardian for publication. The Guardian loved these stories. And the editors decided to publish them in a weekly edition. This collection consists of many city stories. Their plot is similar to many stories which are in almost every city on the planet.

They published their first collection of Urban myths in book form in 1991. This book was very interesting and therefore considered as one of the best-selling books in several consecutive years. Other authors have now collected more than 1,200 urban legends from around the world.

Healey and Glenville use the Internet to collect new stories and comments from their readers. In addition to publishing their stories, the Guardian writes their articles about music and football and Haley lectures At the University of London and Glenville Articles.

About this collection of stories:

As mentioned, the creators of this collection are Healey and Glenville. They enjoyed collecting and retelling funny local tales. Later they started publishing these stories in the Guardian newspaper. These stories were quite strange and made the readers laugh. Over the years, Healey and Glenville chose the best tales and published a book “Urban Myths.

In fact, this book is an anthology of original comedies based on stories told over several years. They are generally featured in a collection of pieces that includes Ivan Rohan, Rupert Grint, Ben Chaplin, Catherine Parkinson, and Aiden Gillen, who present these urban secrets in a deliberate and playful two-sided way.

These stories Without a general knowledge of the stories that took place, fantasies emerged wildly as forms of popular ethnic myths entertained by bizarre narratives used to follow them. The most famous names who told these stories include the legendary singer Bob Thailand, the famous actor Carrie Grant and the famous boxer Mohammad Ali Kelly.

That is why it can be said that this book became very famous. Nowadays you can hear these stories on the radio or TV. Anyone can hear these stories in different cities, only the characters and the names of the characters may be different.

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Urban Myths-Phil Healey