Within High Fences

Introducing the story of Within High Fences by: penny hancock.

about Within High Fences:

The story of within high fences is a love story about two people from different countries with different cultural and social levels. Nancy is eighteen years old and lives with her friend Tom. She is a security guard at a detention center for asylum seekers who have come to Britain to escape persecution in their home countries.

she has everything: a comfortable home, beautiful furniture, a boyfriend and an expensive watch. Then she falls in love with George, an asylum seeker who has nothing, and her world changes completely.

About the author:

Author of the story within high fences of penny Hancock was born in south east London and later received an English degree in Newcastle Upon Tyne. and He taught English for several years in different countries. He then worked as an elementary school teacher in a school in London.

After having three children, he continued to teach in primary schools taught English to asylum seekers, and provided adult education classes in writing. He has also written articles on family and education.

summary(Within High Fences):

Nancy meets Tom at school. At first Nancy likes to be a writer but then gives up. They lived in a comfortable new house in Greenwich, South East London. Nancy worked in a center for asylum seekers – people who want to live in Great Britain because of bad problems in their countries.

Sometimes asylum seekers come to this country because there is terrible fighting in their countries and they are afraid. Asylum seekers come here because they hope they will have a better life in Britain. There are strict rules in that center. And the guards must pay attention to everything.

Nancy has a wealthy life. Tom minds against her work but Nancy adores expensive and beautiful things. She earns for them herself.

Special event:

In one of the night shifts asylum seekers were waiting for Food. Suddenly Nancy hears the shout of one of the guards that was shouting at a The tall man had black hair and dark eyes. That guard was called Bill.

Bill told the tall man ‘You can only have one biscuit. It’s the rules. You took two, ‘You took something that wasn’t yours! But this biscuit isn’t for me,’ said the tall man. ‘It’s for that little boy.

‘The tall man wasn’t afraid of Bill’s words. He turned and walked away. He gave the two biscuits to the boy and smiled. and Nancy smiled at the man. Nancy likes that man. Will he answer her feelings or it will be just an illusion?

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Within High Fences-Penny Hancock